Live-­in Care

If you or your loved one need around-the-clock care in your own home, we can provide qualified carers to support you with all your daily living and care needs. They will be there for you and your family, at all times.

Whether you need a full time live-in carer as part of your on-going plan of care or a Monday – Friday or weekend live-in carer, we have trained and experienced live-in carers who can assist you or your loved one to support their independent living at home.

Care Includes
Service user’s enjoy all the personal care, social care, meals and dietary care and housekeeping services, which we provide through our domiciliary service; these may include:

  • Assistance with Personal Care, bathing, toileting, dressing, medication
  • Meal preparation/planning/shopping lists and shopping
  • General household upkeep
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Quality companionship, conversation, activities
  • Escort to doctor or hospital appointments, family, friends and other events

Live-in Care

Benefits of choosing 24-hour home care include:

  • Specialist, trained and experienced dementia carers, if required
  • One-on-one care in the comfort, safety and privacy of your own home
  • Continuous care
  • Consistent personnel – One shift change per week

As with all our staff, you can be assured that they are trained, qualified and that we hold satisfactory references and a clean CRB check on file. We pride ourselves on the quality of our carers. Contact us today to discuss your need for live-in care.


I just wanted to express my thanks to you and your wonderful staff for the excellent care my sister Catherine received during the five years she spent with you. You all made Catherine’s stay at Hale Place such a happy time and cared for her so well and with such kindness during her periods of ill health. My daughter and I enjoyed meeting you last week and hearing your lovely words about Catherine, you captured how we as a family felt about her. It was wonderful to see and hear how genuinely loved Catherine was by all her marvellous carers. My family and I are so very grateful. 

Ann Serfaty

Marvellous carers

Hi Kevin

As the temperature soars again here in London I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks to the staff at Hale Place for the way they looked after the residents during the heatwave that we have been experiencing.

The importance of hydration of the elderly in general and mum in particular has always been an important issue for me.

But, sadly, as hospital admissions during the recent hot weather have demonstrated again, a lot of people still don’t.

So you can imagine how glad I was to realise that keeping the residents of Hale Place “well-watered” was clearly a top priority every day the temperature soared into the high Seventies and Eighties.

It was clear the staff understood the importance of this issue – and as a result were making even greater efforts than usual in heat that left me unable to do much more than sit and drink!

I know this is not something that a lot of people think about but it is important and I just wanted to record my appreciation of the hard work the staff put in to ensure that none of the residents suffered as a result of the extreme weather.

Thanks again and kind regards, Denis Hall

Knowledgeable staff

Dear Kevin and the wonderful staff at Hale Place – What fantastic care you gave Joan, even in her confused state; she managed a ‘thank you’ to all the staff for helping her. It was genuine kindness and Joan knew it.

I would recommend Hale Place to anyone looking for a care home. At Hale Place, they had a friendly, caring manner. They always phone you back instantly. Kevin rang me back and told me there was a place for Joan, for a week at Christmas. When I collected Joan after Christmas, I found her so happy she didn’t want to go home. I could see Joan was much better off at Hale Place.

Until 3 days before she died, Joan wanted to be with the other residents and staff. Joan really thought all the staff and residents were her family. That’s because your home is happy, caring, fun and everyone laughs at life! Dementia homes should all be like yours, unfortunately, they’re not. Where else in Kent would you find dementia residents having nail vanish applied to their hands and feet, their hair done and stimulated with activities every week.

You have an excellent ratio of staff to residents, this is very important when choosing a care home. Hale Place is a HOME not an institution with rules everywhere…the staff do such good personal care for our loved ones, they are all saints in my book. It is the staff who create the atmosphere in the home and long may it continue being caring and happy with everyone being able to laugh at life.

Sonia Boakes – TMBC, Counsellor

Just to let you know, Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, is being interviewed this afternoon for the BBC’s ‘Holding Back The Years’ TV series, which Hale Place is being featured in, and has been in contact for an update on the service as she is aware that you are being visited by the BBC.

I told her I would be very happy for a loved one to be cared for at Hale Place and that “…it was a really lovely home, with strong leadership and very caring staff. People living with dementia had a very nurturing and positive experience.” Andrea has also been given a copy of the draft report.

Stephen Challis
Care Quality Commission South Region

CQC Inspector

Dear Kevin

We are delighted to hear that what we knew has been confirmed by higher authority.  No one could have been more lovingly looked after then Audrey was under your care

Our good wishes to you and all your kindly excellent helpers.

Joan and Sydney Simmons

Lovingly looked after

I have been coming to Hale Place for about two years, spending two hours every day. I cannot find anything to complain about whatsoever, all the staff are all so helpful, nothing is too much trouble and it is so well run by the management team.

The whole family are so impressed with the way they assist with my wife’s complicated needs, everyone is always smiling and creating a happy atmosphere, I feel like part of the family.

I’m so happy with the way that my wife has and is being cared for, it is absolutely first class.

R Evernden

Happy atmosphere

Hi Kevin

I’m sorry you don’t know me but I along with my wife visited Hale Place today as we are looking for a care home for my 90yr old father with dementia.

The reason we came to you is that we have done the rounds of these massive care homes like BUPA etc. and there was always something missing !!! I couldn’t put my finger on what was missing and they all seemed a little “institutional”

Today when we arrived at Hale Place I found what was missing. Passion and care !!!!!!.

Vikki, who we had an appointment with at  1030, made us wait ten minutes. Not because she was dealing with admin or phone calls but because she was caring for residents, the unit manager was caring for residents, this I had not seen before.

No sales person but a real caring, passionate, lady who has the respect of her staff and is a joy to be with.

I loved your houses and was shown all the accommodation.

I would love to have my father stay with you as I know that he would be happy there and I would be able to sleep nights knowing that he was in such a caring and loving environment.

Thank you for giving us the chance to look at your establishment and to meet the fabulous Vikki.

Kindest regards, Paul Dickens

Passion and care

Congratulations Kevin, that’s a great accomplishment!

Your care commission report was very impressive indeed : I had taken a good look t it a week back ,so great to share the good news!:)

Best wishes, Caroline Taluy

Very impressive indeed

My father has recently moved to Hale Place from a different home. We felt as a family that he was not receiving enough stimulation ‘re his dementia condition. Since moving to Hale Place he has been enjoying many trips out of the home and all the weekly in-house activities, he has made friends and is extremely happy. The staff are always at hand if needed, they are always smiling, happy, engaging and enable Dad to be independent as possible. I’m so glad that Dad is living at Hale place and feel happy and confident that he is safe and well cared for.

Thank you


Stimulating care and support

This is fantastic and well deserved. You have a wonderful home and team. 

Regards, Alison Barnes

A wonderful home

Hale Place more than exceeded our expectations in restoring Mum’s dignity and zest for life. We will be forever indebted for this and the prolonged life filled with fun and laughter that it inspired.

What comfort it also gave to Pam’s family, to know that they could come and see her whenever we were able and be sure to find her happy & comfortable.

Above all, we would like to thank staff for their unfailing personal care and attention given to Pam over the years. We know that this loving environment is at the heart of the Hale Place philosophy and the reason why it richly deserves all the outstanding accolades it receives.

Peter and Sheila Smith

Restored mum’s dignity and zest for life

Dear All

I would like to say a big thank you to all for the wonderful care that you gave to my mum over the 4 years she was resident at Hale Place. Every time we visited her it was clear that she was in the best place we could ever have hoped for.

Words are hard to find in a world of celebrity culture where “incredible”, “amazing” and “fantastic” are used like confetti, however you the staff at Hale Place are truly amazing, incredible and fantastic! Your passion to do the right thing and the ongoing commitment to give everyone a dignified and happy life in such difficult circumstances is to be admired and is so clear to see.

I know I speak on behalf of all Mum’s family when I say we cannot praise you all at Hale Place highly enough. I sincerely wish you all ongoing happiness and success in life, whatever that may be.

Yours sincerely, Ian Manners

Hale Place are truly amazing, incredible and fantastic!

Congratulations to you all, I am not at all surprised that you have won this prestigious award as you have a wonderful, loyal and caring staff. I hope that all is well at Hale place and I will always have fond memories of visiting.

Greg Lawson

Wonderful, loyal and caring staff

Where do I start about Hale Place and Kevin and his amazing team… We viewed lots of dementia homes for my lovely Nan Nellie a few years ago and what an upsetting task that was, from elderly crying and screaming, banging on windows, lots of sights me and mum will never forgot, we left lots of places in tears and could never have left our loved one there, till we walked through the doors at Hale Place, it is such a special place, from the second we walked through the doors we just prayed they had room and would have Nellie, Kevin and the team are amazing, they are so kind, calm, loving and excellent at their jobs, whenever I emailed Kevin with questions about Nan a reply always came very quickly and thoroughly, nothing was ever too much, the home is immaculately clean, the smashing home cooked meals, the in house activities and day trips, we were always included and Nellie had a great time and was safe and loved at all times, they let us dress Nells room like home, visit whenever we wanted, endless tea and biscuits whenever Nell wanted, they let Nelly do all the things she loved, cleaning and sweeping and helping out. When unfortunately Nell fell and broke her hip they knew her time was very limited and they brought her home from hospital and cared for her that last week with love, care and dignity we will never ever see again or forget, we were by her bedside and never felt in the way. We will love Kevin and his team forever, they are always in out hearts and prays for the help and support they gave when we needed it, it was beyond their job specs and they are unbelievable people. Hale Place is amazing! Truly a peace of heaven on earth. The farmhouse and garden are just like a real home and residents are free to move around as they please safely, not locked up! I cannot sing their praises enough because there are not enough words to express my gratitude. I cannot even start to understand all the things that go in behind the scenes to make it all run so well and have that special atmosphere , but from the outside looking in WOW!!! We cried when we left the viewing of Hale Place because it was so perfect and for Nan to finish her last years with them has and will always give us great comfort. I am very proud and pleased to nominate Hale Place, I still cry when I talk about them and am crying now just remembering the stress they helped us with at the time we needed it most, home from home, it was like leaving Nellie with family. They are and the home is truly brilliant! Maddie Nellies Granddaughter x

We cried when we left viewing Hale Place

Good morning Kevin, that is fab news, please say congrats to Vikki and the team from the Clark family – a justly deserved award. 

Well done to everyone for creating such a happy and successful operation.  I know that Lilly, if she was aware, and all of us in the family are hugely impressed and thankful that we can be a part of the Hale Place organisation.

Kind regards, Karen Clark

Happy and successful operation

I would like to express my thanks to all the fabulous caring staff that looked after my friend Eileen. This home is a wonderful place and really is like your own home. Nothing is too much trouble for the friendly staff. It is clean and comfortable. Eileen’s room was really lovely. A lovely bright airy lounge and conservatory and fabulous garden. I know Eileen would like me to express her thanks and gratitude for making her stay with you over the last few years a happy one.

Mary Smith

Wonderful your own home

“It was a great privilege to be one of the judges awarding Hale Place the Quality of Care Award for 2014.
Kevin is a fantastic leader and has created an incredibly motivated team. I was very struck by the commitment, professionalism and caring demonstrated by all of the staff working at Hale Place.
Best wishes”

Samantha Riley, Director of Insight NHS England

Hi Kevin – I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for all the advice, help and support you have given my parents, right from the first contact. You have been amazing and it is greatly appreciated.


Advice, help and support

We are newcomers to Hale Place but I have to say that my family and I have been overwhelmed by the professionalism, kindness and friendliness of absolutely everyone we have met. 

The change in my mum has been astonishing and I only regret not having made the decision to move her closer to us before. Andrew Main

Professialism, kindness and friendliness

I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude for all the love and care you gave to my mother. During her six years at Hale Place, you devoted time and attention to her and provided a homely and loving environment. Nothing was ever too much trouble and above all, you made her so very happy and for all this I will be eternally grateful. You are all absolutely amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Julia Gaule

Love and care

Dear Kevin and all the wonderful staff

It’s very difficult to find the words to convey our immense gratitude to you all for all the wonderful care you gave our mum, Marion.
During the past 18 months in your care we,as a family, know that you gave mum the best care we could have hoped for. We felt reassured that se was genuinely being properly looked after whilst also being encouraged to remain as independent as possible.

Thank you for your patience (we know bath times were not easy). Thank you for always making us welcome, we could just pop in and see mum whenever.

We’d like to thank each one of you personally for making mum’s stay at Hale Place so contented, each one of you is so professional in your work.
mum was a very special lady and we know that she received the very special care that she deserved.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With love and best wishes, Claire Stevens

The best care we could have hoped for

Congratulations to all the team at Hale Place, especially Vicky and Carol. I am not surprised to hear of your recognition for excellent care as I was so pleased with everything you did for my late mother, Violet Ellix, especially during her last few days. Whenever anyone asks me about residential care for dementia patients, I recommend you without hesitation and am so pleased to hear that you continue to provide such a professional, dedicated and personal  service to those in your care.  Congratulations again. Jane Gardner

Professional and dedicated service

My mother spent the last few years of her life at Hale Place, after being diagnosed with vascular dementia in her late sixties.  She was angry and afraid at the prospect of entering a care home, and whilst she was no longer able to cope at home, there were still many things she could do.  When she arrived at Hale Place, the staff went to considerable effort to make her feel at home.  The focus was on the things she could still do for herself, and the team did everything they could to get to know her, her quirks and ways. Throughout her stay she was treated with dignity and as an individual.  She liked to get out and about whenever possible, and in addition to organised trips (fish and chips at the seaside was a particular highlight) she was routinely able to walk to the shops to buy her cigarettes and favourite biscuits, for as long as she was able.

The team at Hale Place had excellent working relationships with the local doctor’s surgery and mental health team and ensured that my mother got the best possible healthcare, that her medication was monitored and changed as necessary.  And in addition to her medical needs, fabulous food, hairdressing and exercise classes boosted her general well-being.

Visitors are always made welcome at Hale Place – offered a cup of tea and generally made to feel like part of the Hale Place extended family.  The staff are aware of the emotional stress experienced by relatives – particularly the first time their loved one fails to recognise them, which happens to everyone at some point.  There was always someone to talk to and I will always be grateful for the kindness shown by the staff when my mother died quietly at Hale Place in her own room. Sarah Dawson

Fabulous food

From the moment we first met Carol, we, and Audrey, have had nothing but goodness and kindness from all of the Hale Place staff . As you know, she can be less than easy to deal with and the patience and friendliness that everyone showed her, in most trying circumstances, has amazed us. Coming to be cared for by you has been the luckiest thing that could have happened for her. Your patience and kindness will never be forgotten by Audrey’s family, thank you all.  We hope everything goes well with all our friends at Hale Place and we will keep in touch with you even though Audrey will not be there.

Joan and Sydney

Patience and kindness will never be forgotten

I would like to reiterate our thanks for everything that you have done for my Mum since she has been with you. It made a very difficult period somewhat easier when she moved to Hale Place as you have a great team of staff there.


A great team

My mum recently became one of your residents and I just wanted to say that all the reports I have had from my sisters (all 5 of them) have been very positive. I like your site too and look forward to seeing photos of your next outings hopefully with Marion in some of them . We live out in New Zealand so don’t get the opportunity to pop back but have weekly updates. Once again Thanks and keep up the good work I know Mum will appreciate it as well as the rest of the family.

Will Calver

Very positive reports

My mother seems to have defied science by becoming your longest ever resident having just passed her 9th anniversary with Hale Place. When she first moved to Hale Place with Alzheimer’s, the prognosis was that she was not expected to survive for long. However, within weeks she had regained her physical capacity and her sense of humour and through the expert care and amenities at Hale Place she was able to turn the clock back. She is nearly 92 and whilst she has started to decline again in recent months, Hale Place has achieved everything we could have hoped for my mother, namely a happy and dignified last lap in her live. Peter Smith

Achieved everything

We had a lovely visit today that your carer Jess was in on.

…….. was in the group in the lounge and became anxious and confused about a missing cardigan. Jen and me had both tried to calm and reassure her over a few minutes without success. When Jess became aware of it she took time out to listen to …….. and Jess’s calm demeanour and thoughtful and measured response de-escalated her mood and pacing entirely. It was a masterclass in patience, understanding and empathy.

I’m sure great carers deliver hundreds of interventions like this in the course of their work that no one ever sees. I don’t see that many though and this one really moved me.

Jenny and Tim Garlick

A masterclass in patience

I cannot commend the staff & team of Hale Place enough for their dedication and hard work, ensuring that a high level of care is delivered to all their residents. My grandmother is very settled here. Tessa McGurk (Granddaughter of Resident)

Dedication and hard work

We have been with HP now for around 4 years and cannot praise them enough.

This really is a home from home. Both the residents and relatives are cared for and made welcome at all times. Since coming to stay at HP mum has enjoyed all sorts of outings and activities and even though she doesn’t really understand what’s going on around her anymore is always happy and smiling.

The family are always made to feel welcome and even our children like coming to visit Grandma in HP. HP regularly organise family events and these are always a treat, we see first hand how good the care is and how well our family members are being looked after. What an amazing place! We highly recommend HP and everything it is doing. Well done to everyone there. Karen Clark

Home from home

Dear Kevin, congratulations to you and your staff for winning such a prestigious award, so well deserved;  I have very fond memories of you all during my sister’s stay at Hale Place.  With every good wish Ann

Prestigious award

Dear Kevin,
What wonderful news! It couldn’t be more deserved. You have the most amazing staff – they are a gift to us all. Do congratulate them on our behalf.
Many, many thanks for all your support over the years. We feel very fortunate to have found you.
Kind regards, Stephanie Hayward

Amazing staff

I am an independent visitor delivering activities to stimulate residents both mentally and physically. We meet either in the Church Hall or one of the Lounges at the home. I have always received a warm and friendly welcome from both residents and staff.  Whether it is me or my bright yellow polo shirt they recognise I am not sure, but to see their smiles and waves is enough to know they are happy. I have a program set but occasionally their enthusiasm and cheekiness sends us down another path and at the end of the hour I come out having been motivated both mentally and physically by them.

Wendy Anderson, Motivation and Co

Warm and friendly welcome

Dear Kevin

Congratulations, fantastic news!!

This award couldn’t have gone to a more deserving Care Team, you must all be so happy and proud, well done.

Very best wishes

Warmest regards to you all, Julia

Deserving care team

Huge well done to you and your team on the Care Award. You know how I feel about the Hale Place team, it is richly deserved,

best wishes.

Alison Barnes

Richly deserved award

Morning Kevin and the whole gang

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! You really deserve it, the care you all give is unbelievable, we think and talk about you all often, we will never forget what you did for Nelly and us all.

Love lots forever

Madeleine and whole family xxxx

We will never forget

“I have had dealings with this care home whilst working for the Acute Trust and the care and service they provide to their residents has always been excellent. The staff are always helpful and knowledgeable of their clients. I would recommend this home.”

Amanda Hodgson (Registered Nurse Maidstone Hospital)

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